VELA the future of tram maintenance
  • The reliability and availability of vehicles and their sub-systems is a key success factor for the efficiency of the local public transport system. An enormous savings potential lies in maintenance. Traditionally, train components such as doors, air conditioning systems, folding steps or toilet facilities are either serviced or replaced according to a rigid time cycle. This happens regardless of the actual requirements. It is even more important to be able to predict malfunctions of these components. To do this you need “live information” on the condition of the components.

VELA can supply the necessary data!

  • We retrofit the components that are to be monitored with sensor technology or use existing sensors.
  • These sensors capture data (e.g. temperature, humidity, power consumption, vibrations, time, etc.) and send it wirelessly to a data collector (SAM) within the vehicle.
  • The SAM stores the data and sends it to the central server via freely available Wi-Fi networks or via LTE.
Tram with sensors
The services that we can offer you
  • Sensor design to meet your needs
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Determination of the threshold values for standard operation
  • Definition of the information flow rules (also the alarm rules)
  • Technical feasibility of information flows
  • Permanent monitoring of the whole system
  • Maintenance of the complete system
  • You receive status data of your system at defined intervals.
  • We automatically alert you in the event of abnormal system states.
  • By the regular evaluation of all of the data we can find, for example, correlations to environmental data that cannot otherwise be identified.