VELA provides you with the necessary data for optimisation!
An example of use is the monitoring of the current used by motors on the doors on electric railcars of the DB 424 series
Energy requirements:
On board supply system 24V; 1.7 mA
Temperature range:
-30°C to +75°C
±1 Kelvin accuracy
Radio range:
approx. 40 m at 868 MHz
(installed in the train)
Motor current:
±20 A; electrically isolated 2.4 kV;
50 mA measuring accuracy; 10 Hz sampling
Sampling Sensor (mounted on top-hat rails) Data collector SAM
Energy requirements:
On board supply system 24 V; 113 mA
with 16 sensors and a data collector
the load on the on board supply system
is only about 3 Watts in total.
Temperature range:
-30°C to +75°C
Radio range:
approx. 40 m at 868 MHz (installed in the train)
approx. 60 m using Wi-Fi
Storage capacity:
approx. 3 million high quality records
= 6 years
Special features:
  • remote maintenance capability with auto-update
  • local data retrieval is optionally possible
  • precise time with synchronisation from the internet
  • sensor management
Installation example on a door motor
installation example
Sample data for power consumption of a door motor
Normal range
The services that we can offer you
  • Sensor design to meet your needs
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Determination of the threshold values for standard operation
  • Definition of the information flow rules (also the alarm rules)
  • Technical feasibility of information flows
  • Permanent monitoring of the whole system
  • Maintenance of the complete system
  • You receive status data of your systems at defined intervals.
  • We automatically alert you in the event of abnormal system states.
  • By the regular evaluation of all of the data we can find, for example, correlations to environmental data that cannot otherwise be identified.
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